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Language Center “Prekrasen start Ltd” is an online language center. You can learn German from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

Language Certificates

Certificates for each level

Online Learning

Learn German from anywhere in the world

Years of Experience

The courses are led by Mrs. Aneliya Raleva, a long-time German language teacher. She graduated in Bulgarian and German philology at Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv and holds a certificate for level C2 from the Goethe-Institut, she has experience abroad.


Course Offerings

Group training A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2

19 lessons of three study hours of 145 minutes each (a total of 57 hours) BGN 7 per hour for а student.

Separate prices for a set of textbooks cost BGN 42 per student per level.

BGN 7 per lesson – A1.1, A1.2, BGN 399 for entire course SPECIAL OFFER

BGN 7 per lesson – A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, BGN 319 for entire course SPECIAL OFFER

Individual training

Lessons of 45 minutes

Single lessons or packages of 30 hours for individual training


BGN 25 for one lesson in a packge of 30 hours

BGN 20 discount on single individul lessons per package


Bulgarian to German and from German to Bulgarian

The Language Center offers translations from Bulgarian to German and from German to Bulgarian at a price rates of:

BGN 23 /page – 3 working days

BGN 30 /page – 2 working days

Learning a language can be a very enjoyable task!

Learning the language can become a hobby, which in the future can also become your profession. Language learning in our online language center is carried out by high-quality teachers according to a specially developed individual methodology.


Learn The German language with us!

The German language

The German language is becoming more and more in demand for teaching, working, and making new friends.

The German language belongs to the languages of the Germanic language group, the so-called Indo-European languages, to which the Dutch, English and Scandinavian languages belong. It is spoken by people in the three German-speaking countries - Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a small part of Belgium. Nouns in the German language are written with a capital letter, as well as there is a syntactic feature of the subordinate clause in the German language, that it has a final word order, the last position of the verb in the sentence, atypical for the Bulgarian language.

The case system of four cases is also a characteristic feature of the German language, while Bulgarian cases are found only for pronouns in the modern Bulgarian language and for nouns and pronouns in the Old Bulgarian language.

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After completing each course, the student receives a certificate with an assessment that certifies the completion of the course with the necessary knowledge. The certificate is signed and stamped by the language center “Prekrasen Start Ltd”, it can accessed from any computer.

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